Garmin Forerunner 305 neue Firmware 2.50

anfang dezember hat garmin eine neue firmware für den garmin forerunner 305/205 rausgebracht.
hiermit sollen einige probleme mit gelöst werden:
-Kalorien berechnung soll jetzt genauer sein
-und die pace soll jetzt genauer sein
das sind allein 2 probleme über die in den meisten boards geschrieben wird, die nun behoben sein sollen. die kolorienberechnung liegt noch immer etwas über der von SportTracks, aber ich denke mal damit kann man schon etwas besser leben. das gleiche gilt auch für die pace, auch diese schwankt nun nicht mehr so heftig

weiter änderungen:

Changes made from version 2.40 to 2.50:

* Improved instantaneous pace reading to be smoother and more accurate.
* Improved high pace, low pace, workout step complete, time alert, and distance alert beeps.
* Decreased frequency of pace alerts during workouts to give user more opportunity to adjust before the next alert.
* Changed advanced workouts with a pace target to use average lap pace rather than instantaneous pace.
* Improved vertical speed and grade accuracy.
* Added feature to preview course map and course profile on the unit.
* Improved Auto Scroll to allow fast, medium, and slow speed scrolling.
* Added ability to update GPS firmware through WebUpdater.
* Added support for foot pod accessory (not yet available).
* Added quick selection of indoor mode (GPS off) by pressing and holding the mode button.
* Added display of house icon on menu bar when using device indoors with GPS off.
* Reduced extra calories added due to falsely detected elevation changes when running.
* Modified calorie calculations for going up and down hills when biking.
* Fixed problem where unit could lock up while displaying the map page during an activity.
* Fixed problem where calorie count could be wrong after a lockup.
* Fixed problem with repeatedly reporting On Course and Off Course on some Course tracks.
* Fixed problem where previous Course could still be active after new Course download.
* Fixed problem where Course could still be shown on the map after stopping the Course.
* Fixed problem where max heart rate for a Course could be displayed incorrectly.
* Fixed problem where track log would not display in history if the timer was started without a GPS fix.
* Fixed problem where today’s scheduled workouts would not display if the local date was different than the UTC date.
* Fixed problem where time and distance alerts could sound repeatedly after turning the unit off and back on.
* Fixed problem where elevation data (such as total ascent and descent) could change while Auto Paused.
* Fixed problem where distance could double when using a speed/cadence sensor.
* Fixed problem where heart rate alarm could sound when heart rate monitor was not present.
* Fixed problem where invalid heart rate could be shown in Training Center.
* Updated translations.



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