Garmin Oregon 550 – Firmware 4.50

Ist zwar schon wieder ein paar Tage her, aber Garmin hat mal wieder eine neue Firmware herausgebracht.

Changes made from version 4.20 to 4.50:
  • Updated magnetic Earth field data
  • Improved GPS performance
  • Improved support for BirdsEye™ Satellite Imagery (each provider’s imagery can be configured independently)
  • Increased the maximum number of supported JNX files to 250 from 200
  • Fixed issues with WAAS/EGNOS
  • Fixed issue with track navigation sometimes not adding waypoints to the Active Route list
  • Fixed issue with MPC map labels disappearing
  • Fixed shutdown on the map page when you have a geocache dashboard active and return after pressing the geocache name
  • Fixed issue with moon not showing on sun and moon page
  • Fixed issue with photo viewer not displaying correctly
  • Fixed issue with progress bar displaying properly on power up
  • Fixed issue with waypoint distances showing significantly off in the waypoint manager
  • Fixed issue with 3D view
  • Fixed issue with track navigation not adding waypoints to the Active Route list when they are exactly equal to a track point
  • Fixed shutdown when more than the maximum number of JNX files were present
  • Fixed ‚Search Near‘ functionality on Hunt & Fish and Sun & Moon pages
  • Fixed shutdown related to topographical maps and land cover text size
  • Fixed shutdown associated with certain custom POI files
  • Fixed Glide Ratio to Destination field
  • Fixed problem with profiles and the fields on the map page
  • Fixed an issue with magnetic north reference and waypoint headings
  • Fixed shutdown on the map screen when a waypoint was being moved to the same location as a geocache or other POIs
  • Fixed an issue with archived tracks not displaying properly
  • Fixed an issue with having too many custom symbols on the device
  • Fixed an issue with renaming a waypoint immediately after creating it
  • Modified the ‚Arriving at Destination‘ message banner so that it no longer appears when navigating to a geocache

installiert werden kann die Firmware über den WebUpdater installiert werden.


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