Plesk 8.2.1 update

So heute habe ich es mir noch richtig gegeben und habe den Server dann auch gleich noch mit der Plesk Version 8.2.1 upgedated:

[*] Security improvements and bugfixes
[*] Upgrade procedure improvements
[-] Several autoinstller utility bugs with packages checking and mirroring have been resolved
[-] Several selinux configuration issues have been resolved.
[-] Several Backup and Migration bugs have been fixed.
[-] Issue with mail stucked in qmail-queue is resolved.
[-] Issue with sending notifications about domain expiration by statistics utility is resolved.
[-] Issue with permanent Spamassassin restarting by Watchdog is resolved.
[-] Problem with incorrect message(“Management of parent node is forbidden”) after domain deletion is resolved.
[-] Issue with mailling lists with dot symbols is resolved
[-] Issue with php safe mode management by client is resolved.
[-] Issue with incorrect php dependences of ‘coppermine’ and ‘gallary’ packages is resolved.
[-] Several issues with MySQL packages from compatibility have been resolved.
[-] Issue with utility is resolved.

Alles ohne weitere Probleme.

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